Open Positions

Program Director



The Women CyberSecurity Society inc. (WCS2) is looking for an experienced Program Director to  supervise a  wide range of programs for WCSS.  We are a registered non-profit society  dedicated to providing support and resources to women and girls  interested in cybersecurity.  

As Program Director, you will be  responsible for the delivery and  overall success of each program. and will manage the financial and HR aspects of the role.

The program director's role will work in tandem with the the CEO  and other board members to secure funds, donations and grants to meet  the budgetary requirements of this department. Additionally, you will  serve in part as the face of programs to the external community.  As  such, you may from time to time attend community events in an effort to  build and maintain positive relationships for current and future program  development.

Because many programs are dependent on public or private funds,  the program director must be meticulous in all notes and documentation.  It is extremely important that you maintain a passion for what you are  doing in helping to retain and retrain women for successful  cybersecurity careers.

Strong communication skills, knowledge of the cybersecurity industry and non-profits are considered assets.

The position is open to citizens across Canada.