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S.W., Ontario

 "Lisa makes it very clear she is incredibly passionate about assisting women excel in or enter into the cyber security industry. The one-on-one mentoring I've had with her has been like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

She will point you in the right direction wherever you are on your journey. The advice and guidance she is able to offer is beyond exceptional. I highly recommend joining WCS2."

A. P., Mexico



 "Lisa  came to me like an angel. It is not easy to make the decision to start a career in cybersecurity  being journalist. 

No one told me that I cannot do it, but they said it was not going to be  easy. I am so glad that out there in the world, there are many women involved  in this subject because the challenges are so big and we both, men and  women need to watch out for our rights, privacy and security. I really thank Lisa to contact me and mentor me about the baby steps I  can start making and see a clear path in what I am doing."

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