Cybersecurity Mentorship Cohort - Spring 2020

Our Model

The Society has been working hard designing a comprehensive and flexible mentorship program that will support and elevate the careers of women and minorities working in cybersecurity.  We've worked hard with thoughtful planning and a sustained commitment to guide our participants through the mentoring process while continually improving the program throughout 2020.  

Mentoring is just-in-time help, insight into issues, and the sharing of expertise, values, skills, and perspectives. Mentors function as a catalyst—an agent that provokes a reaction that might not otherwise have taken place or speeds up a reaction that might have taken place in the future.

Start & End Dates

 March 2020 and December 2020

Deadline for Applications 

February 28, 2020

The cohort is limitied to 50 participants during 2020 so get your applications in soon.

Applications are now closed for the 2020 program.

Preregister for 2021 Mentorship Cohort 

You may now preregister for next years WCS2 Mentorship Cohort 20201 by clicking the button below.  Space is limited.  

How The Program Works

The WCS2 Cybersecurity Mentorship Cohort launches in the Spring of 2020.  We will sponsor 50 members who will take part in the 9-month program ending in December 2020.  


The cohort invites all to apply.  However, preference will be given to women and minorities pursuing a career in cybersecurity.  


1)  Minimum of 5 year experience in the industry.

2)  No criminal record.

3)  Review & sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

4)  Review & sign the Mentorship Pledge.

5)  Dedicate 15 hours throughout the program to maximize outcomes and results.

6)  Respect  others time.

7) Abide by Code of Conduct.

8)  Be an active enrolled WCS2 Member (Basic Membership)


1)  Maximum of 1 year or less experience in the industry.

2)  No criminal background.

3)  Review & sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

4)  Review & sign the Mentorship Pledge.

5)  Dedicate 15 hours throughout the program to maximize outcomes and results.

6)  Respect  others time.

7) Abide by Code of Conduct.

8)  Be an active enrolled WCS2 Member. (Paid Membership)

Selection Timelines

Cohorts will be selected and notified in mid March.  


Participants will be matched based on a number of factors including domains of interest, age, region, experience levels and mentoring style.


Benefits & Rewards

Mentorship comes with many benefits to the Mentor, Mentee and Sponsoring organization.

Mentor Benefits

1)  The satisfaction of helping advance other young women in cybersecurity.

2)  Facilitating change within the cybersecurity industry.

3)  Making the industry more supportive & inclusive.

4)  Tipping the scale by raising the percentage of women.

5)  Develop life long relationships.

6)  Expand your network.

7) Enhance your resume.

8)  Increase retention through multiple generations and more!

Mentee Benefits

 1)  Recieve ten hours of complimentary 1:1 advice from an industry expert.

2) Customized program to maximize impact of mentoring sessions.

3)  Vetted & industry trained leader to guide you.

4)  Two program check-ins to review progress and program commitment. 

5)  Job posting board.

6)  Local chapter access.

7)  Mentees generally make more money throughout their careers.

8)  Increasaed job satisfaction.

9)  Gaining a role model to aspire to and receive guidance to get there.

10) Expand your network at Mentorship events and more!


S.W. | Student

Alina P. | Career Transition

Alina P. | Career Transition

S.W. is a cybersecurity student studying in Ontario, Canada.

" Lisa makes it very clear she is incredibly passionate about assisting women excel in or enter into the cyber security industry. 

The one-on-one mentoring I've had with her has been like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


She will point you in the right direction wherever you are on your journey. 

The advice and guidance she is able to offer is beyond exceptional. 

I highly recommend joining WCS2."

Alina P. | Career Transition

Alina P. | Career Transition

Alina P. | Career Transition

Alina lives in Mexico and is  undergoing a career transition from journalism to cybersecurity.

"Lisa  came to me like an angel. 

It is not easy to make the decision to start a career in cybersecurity  being journalist. 

No one told me that I cannot do it, but they said it was not going to be  easy. 

I am so glad that out there in the world, there are many women involved  in this subject because the challenges are so big and we both, men and  women need to watch out for our rights, privacy and security. 

I really thank Lisa to contact me and mentor me about the baby steps I  can start making and see a clear path in what I am do."

Hari P. | Recent Graduate

Alina P. | Career Transition

Hari P. | Recent Graduate

Hari is a recent graduate with a Masters in Cybersecurity.  She resides in Vancouver, BC.

"I am grateful to have Lisa as my mentor. Before I met Lisa, I was just out of college feeling lost and didn’t know where to start. I wouldn’t apply for the jobs feeling like I’m not qualified.

Lisa provides so much value to the mentoring sessions. She helped me remake my resume, she provided me scholarship for attending Cyber Security conference, gave me a chance to co-host a meeting, opportunity to participate in panel discussion and meet some incredible people. She pushes me to be better and gives me confidence.

Thank you Lisa and WCSS for what you do and what you did for me."

Share your experience


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Mentorship FAQs


Contact us for more information about becoming a mentor or mentee.


Mentorship FAQs


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Mentorship FAQs

Mentorship FAQs

Mentorship FAQs

Mentorship FAQ's


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