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We offer two types of mentorship. 

  • Firstly, our Group Mentoring  is offered online once a month and available to members of our local  Chapter Meetup groups.  
  • Secondly, Cybersecurity Mentorship Cohort, which is launching in Spring 2020 is  1:1 Mentoring   which pairs Mentors and Mentees who support eachother in the career advancement process.

Corporate Diversity Training


Research has shown, diversity is an intricate part of any workplace and increases profits, problem solving and results in faster resolutions of key issues.  

Our Corporate Diversity Program focused on building a diverse workforce by assisting employers to increase positive diversity rates focused on women and minorities within the corporate environment.


#Recruit #Retrain #Retain


R3 is an ecosystem made up of a series of programs and services from WCS2 that involved industry and educators that aims to support and advance women interested in a cybersecurity career.  

We help build capacity for the next generation of the digital economy while focusing on women and minorities to increase diversity and inclusion within the industry.  

If you're an educator,  human resources, recruitment or a company looking for great talent, contact us to learn more about joining our ecosystem.