International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD)

What is it all about?

International Women in Cyber Day is a global movement to petition national governments and the United Nations to recognize September 1st, 2019 as a day to celebrate women in cyber and bring awareness to the unique challenges they face.  

Learn the facts!

  •  In Canada, women make up only 10% of the cybersecurity workforce;
  • Enrollment for women in cybersecurity-related programs in Canada is low at 11%;
  • Research has shown women need a 30% ratio in the industry to feel supported;
  • Research has shown there is a 50% drop out rate for women in information technology within the first four years;

Sign the Petition!

Support women in cyber by signing our petition.  

Our goal is to narrow the gender and skills gaps by inclusion with supportive services throughout the lifecycle of a woman's career in cybersecurity.


What is IWCD?

 International Women in Cyber Day is a global movement of women and male advocates  who  recognize September 1st  as a special day set aside to bring awareness to the issues women face in cybersecurity and celebrate the achievements of women within this industry .  This is accomplished through various social media campaigns, petitions, city proclamations and events around the globe.  

Why is this needed?

  • There is a lack of diversity and inclusion for women who make up a very small percentage of the cybersecurity workforce. 
  • It is generally accepted, women hold about 11% of the  cybersecurity workforce jobs globally. 
  • Women experience many roadblocks and inherent bias.  
  • Women are exiting the industry due to lack of support and inclusion.

What are the goals of IWCD?

  • Increase recruitment of women within the cybersecurity workforce.
  • Increase the retention rates of women working in cybersecurity.
  • Bring awareness to the unique issues and challenges women face within the industry.
  • Celebrate the achievement of women.
  • Narrow the gender gap.
  • Narrow the skills gap.

How can you participate in IWCD?

There are several opportunities for you to get involved and participate in various levels to join the celebration of IWCD!

Become  an advocate and champion of women in cybersecurity  by petitioning your national government to recognize September 1st as IWCD. 

Share Your Story!

Raise Your Voice!

Bring awareness to the unique challenges you face as a woman working in cybersecurity.   Join the fun by creating and sharing your video.

Celebrate Your Achievements!

Tell your story and share across social media platforms using the hashtags

#IWCD2019 #tipthescale

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